Friskies' Repurrters Program

The Selection Process

Dr. Jill Villarreal Purina® Animal Behavior Scientist

In 2009 Friskies answered the question on the minds of cat owners everywhere: what do our cats do all day when we are not at home? We armed 50 roving "repurrters" with special cat cams – a digital camera attached to a cat collar – to capture a cat's-eye view of their magical world for one week through still photos. See the 2009 edition of The Scratchington Post here.

But if still photos opened cats' magical world, our team wondered what we could learn through video. So in August 2010, Friskies selected 25 cats to participate in a reprise of our feline focus group to provide greater insight into a cat's magical world. These 2010 Friskies Repurrters wore specially designed portable video cameras around their necks to capture daily footage for five days. I analyzed the footage to draw conclusions about the daily adventures of cats. The findings are presented here – in the second edition of The Friskies Scratchington Post. For this project, we selected male and female cats from a variety of living arrangements that are playful and adventurous – personifying the Friskies brand.

Through the hours of footage we watched, we learned so much more about cats and how they live. We are confident in saying that – contrary to popular belief – cats truly are social beings. We hope you will be intrigued and inspired by the findings presented in this edition of The Scratchington Post. Welcome to your cat's world.

All cats and their owners participated in the focus group for free. Friskies provided cat video camera kits to each participant to facilitate collecting and uploading videos.

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