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Friskies® Continues to Explore the
Magical World of Cats with RePURRters.

Photo of RePURRter' Dr. Jill Villarreal Purina® Animal Behavior Scientist
In 2009 Friskies answered the question on the minds of cat owners everywhere: what do our cats do all day when we are not at home? We armed 50 roving "repurrters" with special cat cams – a digital camera attached to a cat collar – to capture a cat's-eye view of their magical world for one week through still photos. See the 2009 edition of The Scratchington Post here.

But if still photos opened cats' magical world, our team wondered what we could learn through video. So in August 2010, Friskies selected 25 cats to participate in a reprise of our feline focus group to provide greater insight into a cat's magical world.    Read More...
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Ask Dr. Jill

Dear Dr. Jill

Dr. Jill Villarreal is an animal behaviorist, who received her doctorate in Biology, Behavior, and Neuroscience from Indiana University in 2006. Read More...
First Green Certified Kitty Home

First Green Certified Kitty Home

The first green certified feline home is listed for sale by owner and repurrter Miss Charlene Butterbean. According to PAW Management, Miss Butterbean had to meet strict guidelines to receive the gold status certification. Read More...
Gym Cat

Gym Cat

Forget the expensive membership dues and take a cue from your cat! Watch how our Repurrters turn their homes and daily routines into calorie-burning workouts — no trainers required! Read More...
In The Kitchen
Health & Wellness

The Feline Foodie

If you ever thought your feline friend has an unsophisticated palate, think again! Just like human foodies, feline foodies also enjoy the visual presentation of their meal! Despite the common stereotype that cats are color blind, they can actually see colors in the blue and greenish-yellow light spectrum and are very good at detecting differences in color intensities. Read More...

Neighborhood Watch

With his keen eyesight, Leo Hector volunteered for the neighborhood watch committee this week. This summer, there have been talks that the water levels in the community pool were suspiciously decreasing at rapid rates. Leo Hector sought to find an answer!Watch the Video...

Purrty Woman

They don't call me Sassy for nothing! So take it from me, the internet's most fabulous feline, grooming is essential to a cat's overall health and wellness. If your catplexion is lackluster, simply follow a few of my favorite tips and tricks and you will start taking double takes at yourself! Read More...
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