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Gym Cat

Forget the expensive membership dues and take a cue from your cat! Watch how our Repurrters turn their homes and daily routines into calorie-burning workouts — no trainers required!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a... kitten?:
Weighing in at only three pounds, Ziggy the kitten takes on big brother Fudge for the featherweight championship of the living room ! All we can say is, we hope we don't meet Ziggy in a dark hallway!

Downward facing cat:
A real yogi, O'Malley demonstrates a purrfect vinyasa — Namaste

Staircase cardio:
Fudge's svelte legs and pouncing prowess aren't purely products of good genes. Fudge works hard for his body by hitting the stairs "Rocky Balboa-style" every day!

By: Miss Sassy Taffy

They don't call me Sassy for nothing! So take it from me, the internet's most fabulous feline, grooming is essential to a cat's overall health and wellness. If your catplexion is lackluster, simply follow a few of my favorite tips and tricks and you will start taking double takes at yourself!

Au naturel:

Some sources estimate that cats spend between 30 to 50 percent of their days grooming. A girl has to have some secrets, but grooming maintains healthy skin, prevents mats, and even removes dirt and parasites like fleas. In addition, grooming is a comfort behavior often used by cats as a relaxation technique. Every cat has her own unique grooming ritual, which we learn from our moms when we are just kittens. As a result, the toms in my neighborhood all agree that my fur is the cat's meow.

If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!:

Every fabulous feline knows that it takes a posse to look this good. Take advantage of your feline groupies and get involved in some mutual grooming. Not only will it reduce your workload but it's a great way to express comfort, companionship, and even love toward your loyal subjects.

Nobody likes a purrma donna:

Who doesn't love to be pampered? Even though I spend much of my day grooming myself, every once in awhile I need a little help from my two-legged friend. My human's opposable thumbs are great for grooming my hard to reach places like my head and neck (ah, the wonders of a gentle scalp massage), behind the ears, and for giving me a good kitty manicure.