Extra Gravy Chunky

/ 4

Not just gravy. Extra gravy. Mixed with yummy chunks so delicious, it’ll have your cat saying “O.M.Gravy!”


/ 12

Classic, moist, smooth and delish.  These yummy-licious meals make mealtime a hit every day. Every time. Try all 12 cat-favorite varieties.


/ 8

Deliciously thin shreds made with real meat, including chicken, salmon, turkey, beef, ocean whitefish or tuna – there’s even one with sardines! In gravy or sauce.

Prime Filets

/ 6

Shredded chunks with real meat cooked in savory juices get cats juiced up about mealtime! Try all 6 varieties. In gravy or sauce.

Tasty Treasures® Accented With REAL Bacon

/ 4

Did someone say bacon? Cats treasure these meals of yummy bite-size chunks in gravy or with sauce – each one accented with REAL bacon!

Tasty Treasures® With Cheese

/ 8

Did someone say cheese? Cats treasure these meals of yummy paté or bite-size chunks in gravy or with sauce – each one with cheese!

Meaty Bits

/ 3

When it comes to taste, there’s nothing little about these bits! Bite-size moist chunks in your choice of 3 cat-favorite flavors and each in a flavorful gravy.


/ 6

Lots to lick, lap and savor in these sauce-a-licious meal varieties. Choose from creamy sauce, garden sauce, homestyle sauce and cheesy sauce.


/ 6

Bring the outdoors in with these delicious meals made with a touch of garden greens combined with real meat and rice. Delicious and nutritious. Yum.

Cat Concoctions®

/ 4

Cod in cheesy bacon sauce? Lamb in clam flavored sauce? These meals feature curious combinations chosen by cats. They may sound odd to humans – but cats eat ‘em up!

Gravy Sensations

/ 6

Tear open these pouches of tender bites made with real meat and smothered with gravy… and watch your cat tear into her meal!


/ 2

Tender flakes made with real tuna or real tuna and egg! For tuna-lovin’ cats, these meals are her perfect pajamas!

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