Gravy Swirlers


Gravy goes crunchy and cats go crazy! This 100% complete and balanced dry food features the flavors of chicken & salmon – with gravy baked right in!

Seafood Sensations®


Seafood-lovin’ cats say “serve it up captain!” to this delish mix of seafood flavors.

Surfin’ n Turfin’ Favorites


An awesome combo of meat and seafood that has cats' taste buds surfin’ and turfin’ and lovin’ it.

Indoor Delights®


Specifically formulated to promote healthy weight and help control hairballs!

Tender & Crunchy Combo


Meaty tenders mixed with crunchy bites make this a two-texture meal cats can’t resist.

Friskies 7®


7 cat-favorite flavors for 7 times the yum!

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