Party Mix Crunch

/ 13

Crunchy cat treats in a deliriously delicious mix of flavors, shapes, and colors. Why just serve a treat when you can pop open a party?

Party Mix Favorites

/ 4

If your cat has a favorite flavor, these crunchy cat treats are sure to be her #1 choice. Try chicken, salmon, seafood, or turkey!

Party Mix Puffs

/ 3

Crispy cat treats that make treat time party time – and at less than 2 calories per treat!

Party Mix Remix

/ 2

We took our most popular pairs of Party Mix flavors and mixed them together! Double good. Double fun. Double delish.

Pull N’ Play®

/ 4

Edible string cat treats! That’s incredible! In delicious flavors – and what makes them even better? You can pair them with our Wobbly toy!

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