Friskies® presents: Cat-acoustics

Friskies® presents: Cat-acoustics

Friskies® is excited to feed your cats' senses with sounds that were made just for cats. Friskies® has partnered with Pet Acoustics, a company dedicated to creating music specifically for animals. The sounds, rhythms and frequencies have been researched and tested for maximum feline fun. Click on a few of the samples below. Just press play:

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Friskies® Plus Cat Dance - Friskies.mp3 (music track)   Friskies® Kitties Party - Friskies.mp3 (music track)
Friskies® Jingle Tails - Friskies.mp3 (music track)   Friskies® Cat Eyes in the Starry Night - Friskies.mp3 (music track)
Friskies® Paws for Treats - Friskies.mp3 (music track)   Friskies® Purrfect Day - Friskies.mp3 (music track)

Cats Plus Music Makes a Happy Life – 10 Reasons Why

We want to give our cats the best life possible from their food, to what they sleep on, to their playtime toys, to spending time together! Here are ten ways where music will enhance your cat's daily life and help smooth out some furry feline issues.


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Curious Facts About Cats

Fun Fact #1
Cats in Space

Félicette, a female cat, was blasted into space on October 18, 1963 in a special capsule for the French government. She did not go into orbit but traveled in a flight about 15 minutes and 100 miles into space. The capsule and the cat, Félicette, were safely recovered. Through neurological data sent back to Earth, Félicette had made a valuable contribution to space research. Félicette's space flight was commemorated on postage stamps some years later.

Fun Fact #2
Get the Grooming Brush and Turn Out the Lights!

On their bodies, cats have about 130,000 hairs per square inch so keep the grooming brush nearby. With their amazing fur, place your cat in a dark room, rub their fur with your hand briskly and you will be able to charge the fur with electricity and see sparks. They are truly the spark of our lives!

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About Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics Inc is dedicated to bringing products to market that bring joy and peace to the animals that share their lives with us. The company is focused on designing innovative products that enhance the lives of dogs, cats and horses and their people to maintain balance and well being in their living environment. The company was founded by Janet Marlow and Sam Laufer.

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Meet Janet Marlow

Janet Marlow is internationally known as a composer, researcher and author for her contributions to the understanding of animal hearing and how this effects their behavior through music. Her work on behalf of animals has been featured on Animal Planet, CNN, Martha Stewart, Good Morning America, the Today Show and the Wall Street Journal. Janet is a member of the Animal Behavior Society, The Authors Guild and the American Pet Product Association.

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Pet Acoustics