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The Feline Foodie

If you ever thought your feline friend has an unsophisticated palate, think again! Just like human foodies, feline foodies also enjoy the visual presentation of their meal! Despite the common stereotype that cats are color blind, they can actually see colors in the blue and greenish-yellow light spectrum and are very good at detecting differences in color intensities. So, while their human counter-parts' taste buds get stimulated by the variance of colors and textures on their plates, our furry friends get equally excited by the colors and shapes in their Friskies food.

Sous Chef

The “Purrfect” Helper

My name is Marshmallow Fluff, which leads to a pretty reasonable conclusion that I'm slightly -- OK highly -- motivated by my stomach. Beyond that, though, my interest in the kitchen revolves mostly around being a place where I can spend time with my owners at the end of our long days. Though I'm not allowed to divulge some of the delicacies that my family gets to enjoy, I'm pretty happy just helping. In fact, they call me their "purrfect" kitchen companion. How to be the purrfect kitchen companion:
  1. Look but don't touch:
    egg salad sandwich Though that egg salad sandwich looks tempting, leave to the humans and choose a delicious Friskies meal – you won't regret it!

  2. Stay off the countertops:
    tupperware Sure, we love to be with our owners, but we want to keep the kitchen clean, too. Ask your owner to put a cat tree in the kitchen so you can supervise from above, but off the counters.
  3. Talk to your owner:
    Admittedly, humans have much more stressful lives than we do. Feel free to cheer on your favorite chef from the sidelines. Stay nearby (but out of the way during cooking time) in case you're needed for an emergency head bump or belly scratch (yours, not theirs)

"Kitty Confidential"

The newest show from "The Nom Network" takes a look around the kitchen from a cat's perspective.