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About Dr. Jill

Dr. Jill Villarreal Dr. Jill Villarreal is an animal behaviorist, who received her doctorate in Biology, Behavior, and Neuroscience from Indiana University in 2006. During the pursuit of her doctorate, she also earned a minor in Developmental Psychology and a Certificate in Animal Behavior. For the past four years, Jill has been working at Nestlé Purina as a member of the Behavior Team. At Nestlé Purina, Jill designs educational programs about cat behavior and sensory development, and creates new socialization, training, and enrichment programs for cats and kittens. These programs result in incredibly friendly and happy cats. Her programs are science-based, but are conducted with love and compassion. She enjoys training caregivers on how to interact with their cats to nurture a strong relationship built on knowledge, understanding, and trust.

Jill's passion for pets extends beyond the workday. Jill is the Chair of the Animal Behavior Society's Issues in Applied Animal Behavior Committee, serves on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Saint Joseph Animal Control and Rescue Shelter, is a member of Missouri Western State University's Animal Care and Use Committee, and teaches a course in Animal Behavior at Missouri Western State University. Through community service, she hopes to promote pet well-being by increasing the number of pets that find loving caring homes and educating the community regarding animal care and welfare issues.